Grand Challenges in Biotechnology

Friday 1 September 2017
Delft | the Netherlands

Grand Challenges in Biotechnology About the symposium

The Delft University of Technology organises a symposium on grand challenges in Biotechnology. Biotechnology is pivotal to several societal challenges, related to circular and biobased economy development, i.e. sustainable production of renewable materials, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals and energy carriers and recycling of waste streams, nutrients and rare elements. Bioprocess technology is a key element for the required solutions. Recent breakthroughs and novel options for multidisciplinary approaches indicate a reconsideration of research lines for future applications.
The symposium aims to prepare a vision paper on novel biotechnology research lines based on combining creative, innovative research ideas with industrial and societal needs. The paper will be published and used to inspire global research and help organise international strategic support. Symposium participants are encouraged and welcomed to co-author this paper.

Topics of discussion are in the area of

  • — biochemical engineering
  • — down-stream processing
  • — (cell) systems engineering
  • — bioprocess and fermentation technology
We openly invite international top talent to address these challenges together with us.

In line with the recognised role for biotechnology in addressing the societal challenges, the TU Delft has decided to extend their expertise in the biotechnology field and has opened five positions (see Recruitment page) for ambitious scientists who wish to help accelerate the sustainable use of biomass in biobased processes and circular value chains.